HRCG Principals Vince Ceriello, Jim Ouimet, Oliver Nina, and Rob J Thurston continue to provide remote Zoom Training and services to clients and charities worldwide with a special emphasis in North America, England, Argentina and Chile. HRCG in conjunction with Grupo Roble (The Oak Group) and BYU Wheatley Institution will continue to support and work with Training in all of South America.

October 2022- Rob and Loni Thurston establish working conditions and charitable services in Concepcion and their home in Temuco, Chile. The goal and direction of HRCG is to provide while available Leadership Training and English classes for free in Temuco and surrounding areas.

September 2022- Rob and Loni Thurston attend in-person two weeks of Training on leadership, charitable work, genealogy, English, and church services.

Jan 2021- August 2022- The Thurstons continue with charity and church services for youths ages 11-25 each week. They also minister and support an Assisted Living Residential facility in Provo, Utah each week.

Jan 2020-Dec 2020- The Thurston accept an assignment to work via Zoom as Area Support Leaders for 13 countries in Central/South America on English classes, university level education services and leadership support.




October 2019- Rob Thurston sponsored and Moderated the International Symposium in Buenos Aires, Argentina in conjunction with the Wheatley Institution (Brigham Young University). Over 50 selected professionals from 11 countries in South America attended for 3.5 days learning about Social Media, networking, politics in the Public Arena, and Leadership. HRCG associates participated and worked on this Symposium.

June 2019- HRCG associates participated in several international conferences including the national Workplace Benefits Mania at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. 

March 2019- HRCG Corporate offices were relocated to 997 Waterford Lane, Provo, UT 84604. The new direct line is (801) 787-0416.

April- July 2018- HRCG associates traveled to Argentina, California, Arizona, Las Vegas, etc. on business speaking and opportunities.

March 2018- HRCG is pleased to announce that James Ouimet, President of US Sales & Marketing for Afinium has partnered with Rob J Thurston. HRCG will be offering all of Afinium's and Ouimet's expertise to clients and prospects. Afinium SaaS software allows major corporations to piece together complex customer data records and real time customer market interactions from web, email, SMS, Call Center, or direct mail and create personalized and real time customer dialogue that influences behavior. 

In Feb 2018 Rob Thurston spoke on Consumer Driven health and Defined Contribution Health at Lorman's international webinars.

Jan 2018-  Several associates of HRCG participated on four webinars and conferences on TrumpCare, 401k, linking Global HR to US initiatives, and two courses on passing the HR Certification exams.


Rob J. Thurston spoke at over 25 webinars and seminars on Training, Motivation, and HR/Benefits worldwide.

In November 2016 HRCG published the first articles on Trump's new Health Care Reform and coined the term "TrumpCare." 3 days after the 2016 election; an international webinar was given by Thurston on TrumpCare.

HRCG was a sponsor, exhibitor, and provided speakers to the Atlantic City Benefits Renaissance, Las Vegas Benefits Mania, the Employee Benefits News Summit in Nashville, New Orleans Benefits Renaissance in March 2017. 

Rob Thurston was named President of the Workplace Benefits Association for 2016-2017. There have only been 16 Industry Leaders ever elected as President. 


In July 2015 Rob J Thurston was nominated and inducted into the HR/Benefits Workplace Hall of Fame. The ceremony took place at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. Only 59 Industry leaders (whom many are deceased) have ever been inducted into the Hall of Fame. http://www.employeebenefitadviser.com/news/storied-career-earns-consultant-hall-of-fame-status 

HRCG teammates have been traveling and doing international meetings, webinars, and marketing with focus in Germany, India, Hong Kong, and the Philippines in January.

In February 2015 Robert Thurston was invited to do a worldwide webinar for an Indian based Consulting Firm on:"How to Evaluate Human Resources OutSourcing"


Rob J. Thurston spoke in December 2014 for an international Law Firm at a worldwide webinar on: "How Will Health Care Reform Impact you in 2015"

Rob Thurston and other HRCG team members have begun consulting and marketing new online and social networking opportunities. Some of the largest online discount shopping services have become the focus of their marketing efforts.

Rob Thurston was nominated and voted to be the future President of the Workplace Benefits Association (now owned by Source Media- a media giant who publishes Employee Benefits Advisor and Employee Benefits News).

Rob J. Thurston has spoken over 40+ times via national conferences and webinars on Health Care Reform and Wellness.

He has provided consulting services to a number of Direct Marketing and members of the Direct Selling Association from 1993- to today's date.

2003 to 2011

He spoke on the new Voluntary Employee Benefit of Discount Shopping (Savvi Direct-www.Savvi.com  ) and Discount Hearing (www.TruHearing.com ) at the Employee Benefit News convention in Dallas TX in September 2011.

He spoke at the Workplace Benefits Association meetings on February and August 2011, August 2010, and August 2009.

He spoke at the regional www.NAPBA.org meeting in Chicago on Consumer Driven Health Care Plans.

He spoke at the inaugral HSA2005, 2006, 2007 meetings on Health Care Reform.

He spoke at the IQPC HSA Conference in Washington DC on September 12, 2005.

He spoke and sponsored the full day Convention on HSAs, HRAs, and FSAs in Salt Lake City on 11/9/2004.

He has spoken and sponsored on the topics of HSAs, HRAs, FSAs, and Debit Cards at the following conferences:

1- EE Benefits News Expo in 10/04 in Nashville

2- NAPBA national Meeting in WI in 5/04

3- Flagg Mgt/EE Benefits News in 3/14/05 in NYC

4- NAPBA Legislative Meeting in WA, DC in 3/2/05

5- IQPC HSA Meeting in Atlanta on 2/8/05 in Atlanta

6- NAPES meeting in New Orleans in 2/04

7- Benefits Marketing meeting in Vegas in 8/04

8- Lorman Seminars on HSAs in UT in 11/04

9- NAPES meeting in NV on 8/03

10- 3 Webinars/teleconferences from 6/04- 3/05

April 2005

Rob Thurston was elected to be the Head of the Conference Committee and to serve on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Professional Benefits Administrators.

February 2005

Rob Thurston was elected to be the Head of Development for the Benefits Marketing Association and to serve on the Executive Committee of the organization.


Rob Thurston has published in Benefits and Compensation Solutions magazine an article called:"The Promise of Consumer Driven Health Care- From Debit Cards to HRAs". To request a free copy- please contact HRCG at the email address below.

Rob Thurston, Advisory Board member of the National Association of Professional Enrollment Specialists (NAPES/esi), was re-elected to the position of Chairman of the Development Committee

New Orleans, LA- Rob Thurston, Advisory Board member of the National Association of Professional Enrollment Specialists (NAPES/esi), was re-elected to the position of Chairman of the Development Committee at the recently held NAPES convention in New Orleans. Mr. Thurston will be in charge of all fundraising and in increasing the number of corporate, insurance and consulting sponsors for the next NAPES conventions.